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Coin Price refers to the current global volume-weighted average price of a cryptoasset traded on an active cryptoasset exchange.

Market Capitalization is one of the metrics used to measure the relative size of a cryptoasset. Market Capitalization is calculated by multiplying Coin Price with Available Supply.

Volume is the total trading volume of a cryptoasset across all active cryptoasset exchanges.

How frequently are all the information updated?

1) Price, trading volume, market capitalization - Updated every 10 minutes
2) Other info – About 1 day

Do you provide any API?

No, we don’t provide API.

Can I buy crypto via your website? How do I purchase cryptocurrency?

No, you can't. Our website is not an exchange or a place where transactions are concluded, our goal is to inform about the market situation, not to propose an investment or to allow it to be concluded.

Where is your data from?

We have access to third parties public databases.

Why is the price of a given cryptocurrency different from that on Coinmarketcap?

Differences in prices do not result from an error, but from the way, platforms collect data from the markets. The average price is calculated by taking into account the price on every supported exchange, and including the turnover on each pair.

Is it free to submit and add a new cryptocurrency to your website? How to get listed on your website?

We currently don’t provide submition of new cryptocurrency.

Why are you listing specific crypto asset? It's clearly a scam!

Nearly every cryptocurrency has been called a scam at some point in its lifetime. We're not here to judge the merits of any cryptocurrency, but we provide the best tools for you to make your own conclusions.