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Haven Protocol (XHV)

Haven is an untraceable cryptocurrency with a mix of standard market pricing and stable fiat value storage without an unsustainable peg or asset backing. It achieves this with a built in on-chain smart contract that controls the minting and burning of coins in a network of cryptographically unknown supply to facilitate value for users that choose to send their coins to offshore storage contracts while allowing everyone else to be exposed to the natural price movements of the currency.
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of crypto asset

Circulating supply

Total 14360352Max 0

Beta price

in USD

Highest price

2021-04-15 -88.38%



Change in 24h
in percents -43.05%

Market Cap

Change in 24h
in percents -10.69%


Change in 24h
in percents -10.72%


Change in 7 days
in percents -36.89%
Name Volume 24h Fiats
Bkex 54.05%
Kucoin 23.66%
TOKOK 10.49%
TradeOgre 8.07%
Bittrex 3.73% USD EUR
Name Volume 24h Fiats
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Name Pair Fee type Volume 24h share Volume 24h Last updated
Bittrex XHV/BTC Percentage 3.73% $20.09K 2021-07-27 21:15
TradeOgre XHV/BTC Percentage 8.07% $43.47K 2021-07-27 21:15
CoinEx XHV/BTC Percentage 0.00% $5.48K 2021-07-27 21:15
CoinEx XHV/USDT Percentage 0.00% $62.37K 2021-07-27 21:15
Bkex XHV/USDT Percentage 54.05% $291.22K 2021-07-27 21:14
TOKOK XHV/BTC Percentage 10.49% $56.53K 2021-07-27 21:15
Kucoin XHV/USDT Percentage 19.46% $104.82K 2021-07-27 21:15
Kucoin XHV/BTC Percentage 4.20% $22.65K 2021-07-27 21:15
Name Pair Fee type Volume 24h share Volume 24h Last updated

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