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$271.47 was founded in 2016 in Sydney, Australia with the vision of transforming the way Individuals access jobs and Businesses connect with Contractors. As a Fintech Company focusing on HR-solutions, reduces & eliminates the barriers to Recruitment and Payment Processes for both Workers and Employers by utilizing Blockchain Technology. achievements in development range from successfully launching dApps like the job platform and the cryptocurrency exchange, up to working on its own side chain with custom consensus algorithm.
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2022-01-11 -51.83%


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Kucoin 77.76%
TimeX 15.41%
Uniswap V2 6.83%
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Name Pair Fee type Volume 24h share Volume 24h Last updated
Kucoin TIME/ETH Percentage 7.81% $50.46K 2022-01-26 23:43
Kucoin TIME/BTC Percentage 7.54% $48.73K 2022-01-26 23:43
Kucoin TIME/USDT Percentage 62.40% $403.10K 2022-01-26 23:43
TimeX TIME/BTC Percentage 3.86% $24.94K 2022-01-26 23:43
TimeX TIME/USDT Percentage 7.97% $51.50K 2022-01-26 23:43
TimeX TIME/ETH Percentage 3.57% $23.09K 2022-01-26 23:43
Uniswap V2 TIME/WETH Percentage 6.83% $44.14K 2022-01-26 23:43
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