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Sola Token price

Sola Token (SOL)

Sola is the next generation decentralized social platform that incentivizes and benefits all involved parties u2014 users, third-party developers and the core team. The name Sola is an acronym for u201csocial layer.u201dSola is an open ecosystem, which means that most of its source code will be made open source and available for audit, improvement and usage by anyone.Sola doesnu2019t use the concept of following. It spreads information like a viral disease to the most interested users, applying AI algorithms combined with users reactions. Quality content can easily reach the whole Sola user base. Users post news, stories and entertainment cards, Sola takes care of the rest.
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of crypto asset

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2018-10-29 -94.26%


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in percents -13.18%

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in percents 507.83%


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in percents 507.73%


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in percents 24.88%
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