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Obyte (GBYTE)

Launched on Dec 25, 2016, Obyte is a distributed ledger based on directed acyclic graph (DAG). Thanks to absence of blocks and miners, access to Obyte ledger is decentralized, disintermediated, free (as in freedom), equal, and open. Obyte is the first DAG based cryptocurrency platform to support dApps. Due to absence of miners and blocks, there is no risk of front-running and other miner manipulation, and dApps are safer and easier to develop than blockchain based dApps. DApps are developed in Oscript - a new language that avoids many unsafe programming patterns common in earlier dApp platforms. Thanks to its safety, Obyte is especially well suited for DeFi apps, some are already available on the platform, such as Discount Stablecoins, some are being developed. Other features include: self-sovereign identity, private untraceable currencies, sending crypto to email using textcoins, and extremely small-footprint libraries suitable for small IoT devices.
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2018-01-13 -98.22%


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in percents 29.6%

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Name Volume 24h Fiats
Bittrex 60.45% USD
Cryptox 13.62%
Bitladon 11.30% EUR
Upbit 0.20% KRW
Folgory 0.09% EUR
Name Volume 24h Fiats
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Name Pair Fee type Volume 24h share Volume 24h Last updated
Bittrex GBYTE/BTC Percentage 60.45% $6.41K 2020-09-23 08:51
Upbit GBYTE/BTC Percentage 0.20% $21.59 2020-09-23 08:51
Folgory GBYTE/BTC Percentage 0.09% $10.04 2020-09-23 08:51
FINEXBOX GBYTE/BTC Percentage 14.34% $1.52K 2020-09-23 08:41
Cryptox GBYTE/BTC Percentage 13.16% $1.39K 2020-09-23 08:51
Bitladon GBYTE/EUR Percentage 11.30% $1.20K 2020-09-23 08:51
Cryptox GBYTE/BCH Percentage 0.46% $48.81 2020-09-23 08:51
Bit-Z GBYTE/BTC Percentage 0.00% 0 2020-09-23 08:51
Bit-Z GBYTE/USDT Percentage 0.00% 0 2020-09-23 08:51
Name Pair Fee type Volume 24h share Volume 24h Last updated

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