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DLB token (DLB)

DATA LINK BASE(DLB) is an open decentralized big data community based on blockchain technology. With integrating and applying technologies such as blockchain, distributed storage, machine learning, it dedicates to build a new autonomous big-data ecosystem From the dimension of technology, DLB is an integrated solution that includes data acquisition tools, data source tracing and data right verification, as well as distributed data storage, distributed parallel computing and intelligent data analysis, incentive mechanism, data value application and a series of technologies and scenarios. From the business perspective, DLB sets people as the source of all the data that can potentially generate value; people are seen as the core subject in the scene. Based on blockchain underlying technology, scalable distributed storage, and parallel computing, DLB forms a decentralized big data autonomous community, which is formed together by data owners, data storage tools, data supplying tools, data processing system, and data value obtainers. The autonomous community ecology can realize the driven value of the massive volume of data in many business scenarios.
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