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CPCoin (CPC)

What is the CryptoPerformance Coin (CPCoin - CPC)? The CPCoin (CPC) is the native coin of the CryptoPerformance CHAIN, the proprietary blockchain designed by CryptoPerformance Group. Launched in 2020 the CPCoin has since become an integral part of the crypto market and a key asset to advancing the CryptoPerformance Platform and ecosystem. Every CPCoin acquired allows the owner to have a part of the innovative CryptoPerformance CHAIN and become an integral part of the ever-expanding community. The CPCoin plays a vital part in growing the community and has multiple underlying functions that keep the coin in constant circulation and demand. The CPCoin is the native coin of the CryptoPerformance CHAIN, a secure, fast (1 block = 5000 transactions in under 15seconds) and ultra-low fee blockchain, guaranteeing the safety of the CPCoin and any projects associated. The CPCoin does not rely on third party blockchains and has its own Cx0 Secure Wallet. The CPCoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency and like Bitcoin does not hold physical memory of past owners, only a public ledger of digital files as they transfer from one account to another. These records are timestamped, and distributed to an entire network of people, making it nearly impossible to manipulate or altered. CPCoin is 100% proof of stake cryptocurrency and the price is regulated by supply and demand. The total supply is 250 million coins, having started with zero. The CPCoin is additionally used for: The ecosystem transaction costs and fees that arise on the CP Platform, such as purchases, transfers, swaps and withdrawals, fees from CryptoPerformance BANQ, fees from CryptoPerformance Charity for Charities, are covered by the CPCoin. In addition, the CPCoin is also used for in-store payments on the CryptoPerformance Platform. What makes the CPCoin unique? Unlike many other coins on the market, the CPCoin was not launched after an ICO, instead they were funded privately and automatically circulated onto the market, becoming immediately available in the users Wallet. The CPCoin has its own wallet on the CryptoPerformance CHAIN Cx0. The CPCoin also has a simple White Paper that is easy for all users to understand. The CryptoPerformance Community has access to the Advantage Program. The CPC Advantage Program allows CPC holders to deposit their acquired CPCoins and receive daily rewards for 'keeping' them. This program does not block or freeze the CPC coins, and allows them to be made available at any time.
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2021-06-26 -91.49%


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P2PB2B 100.00% USD EUR
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P2PB2B CPC/USDT Percentage 45.94% $130.66K 2022-05-21 22:32
P2PB2B CPC/BTC Percentage 54.06% $153.73K 2022-05-21 22:32
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